Engineered Quartz - design and beauty

Engineered quartz has been around for a while, they've created a vast range of products which has revolutionized interior designing. Engineered stone can give your design a whole lot of stylish options, making a perfect balance between,  lighting effects, furniture design, these new materials will simply take your design to the next level.
What is engineered quartz? It's a man made stone, with high quality standards, made with vacuum and vibrocompressing technology, aka, conglomerate stone, or agglomerate stone ... even some are named after the brand, like Silestone and Caerstone.
Engineered quartz can actually bring colourful modern moments into your home. It's mainly used in kitchen tops, it has about 93% natural quartz grain, bonded with polyester resin. It's more resistant than granite, however it does have some particular features regarding maintenance and care. Like every product, also engineered quartz has it's application problems, one and the most serious is the hot pan, don't put a hot pan or pot on your quartz, it may stain permanently.
One other thing, when applying on floors, be sure to read carefully the instructions and choose wisely your adhesive glue. Due to its low porosity, excess water may warp the tiles, but a correct use and application will avoid these problems.


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