Chinese Quartz Plants vs Breton plants

What is the difference between Chinese technology and Breton technology?
Looking at both production lines they are very similar, however MHO Breton still has a great lead, their vacuum compressing system is far more efficient than the one used by the competition.
Regarding the final product this means less resin used, more natural components per sqm, even though every Chinese producer is complying with CE markings, their quality is not as stable as they make you think ...
I had the opportunity a few years ago to visit a Bretonstone Block system in China, just to give you an idea of the quality problems that may persist beyond technology ... they had the last generation in Breton Block System ... a system so advanced that maybe only a few European companies had installed at the time ... Although in the finishing line they were about a decade behind ... no calibration, the calibration was measured and assured by sawing, which is not enough ... and the tile cutting equipment was basically done on bridge saws ... So I saw something really spectacular on one end of the factory ... and something really old and useless on the other end ...


Quarella and the Evo Series

As I figure, Quarella is doing very hard material with the marble machinery, how? Well I can make an educated guess, feldspar, hard enough to be sawn in the traditional gangsaws ... Although to polish they'll need to use the granite lines to do the job...
Also, they are supplying 3000x780 mm material, so I guess they have done some restyling of their old gangsaws, so the block can be sawm in several ways, giving you different size slabs ...


Silestone & Microban

I heard a rumour during the fair that Silestone is having serious problems with their product. Basically what I understood, was that testing has proven in the US that Microban is not fit. I figure soon more information will be getting around, someone also told me that they have excluded this from their products ... so I'll keep this issue alive and looking out for any related news.


Marmomacc 2010

Following my last post, I had a pleasant trip to Marmomacc, Verona was as beautiful as every. The weather was good, despite some rain, mild temperature ... and the Marmomacc itself was ok. Actually some big International producers did not attend (Silestone and Compac Marble & Quartz), but in general we saw innovative finishes for natural stones, in the agglomerate sector nothing totally new, everyone betting on ecological solutions ... with green resin promo and recycling ...
Besides the strikes all over Europe, Friday was a very good day at Marmomacc.

I have said this a few times, Marmomacc is in my opinion the best stone fair held in Europe. The fair ground is relatively big, you have a wide selection of exhibitors from most of the World. It's really a great place to visit if you are in the stone business.
Plus, during the Marmomacc fair, you may be certain, that most of the industries elite will be at the fair ground. It's really a great place to meet stone business related professionals. And it has plenty of great ideas which we may learn from, and the vast equipment display, makes Marmomacc a unique place to visit in the stone industry, a must for any European who really wants to keep up with the stone business.