Engineered Marble an Innovative product 大理石

Engineered marble ( 大理石 ) or cultured marble like some usually call it, is a product that has been around for more than 30 years, it's difficult to actually identify it, and in most cases it substitutes natural marble. However cultured marble (大理石) may be fabricated in several ways, being the most effective, the one that makes cultured marble look and feel like a natural stone. This is engineered marble (大理石) to its extent, as it is a product which is well compacted, without pours and with even textures that imitate natural marble.
Main advantages:
- It's 95-97% natural marble (大理石), and is used, installed and maintained as natural marble.
- In some cases it's much more resistant than the natural stone that's in it's base.
- Can maintain the same shade in large applications, little colour variations;
- High quality material, compared to other agglomerate marble solutions (such as terrazzo);
- Easy material to work, repair and cut

Basically when polyester bonding is used, the compaction is much better and the physical attributes of the product becomes very similar to the natural stone in its composition. You may find cement bonded cultured stone, however it'll be more absorbent and have a rough gloss.
Cultured marble (大理石) is widely used in private home applications as well in public high traffic areas. Being the fact that cultured stone can be repolished, is also a great application advantage, after a few years you may repolish the floor and it'll become glossy and beautiful like if it was just installed all over again.


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