What is Engineered Stone?

What is engineered stone? It's a very common question, in truth several products may be fitted in to this description. Technically engineered stone is man made stone ... solid stone made up with natural aggregates. Normally bonded using polyester resin, concrete or other materials.

This man made stone uses high standards technology to give the final product a solid surface that looks and feels just like natural stone. Comparing this material to natural stone you have a few advantages, especially when decorating is involved, as you may create colourful, modern and innovative spaces.
Engineered stone may be made of several types of stone, it basically depends on the type of aggregates used in the filling. You'll find marble based and quartz based material, typically it may have the same usage as its base type of material, however it does have some technical problems regarding exterior use.
UV from sunlight is one of the things that most affect engineered stone negatively, especially the one that used polyester resin as the bonding agent. Even with UV inhibitors, I figure time will actually prevail, and the polyester will eventually be affected by it to a great extent.
Engineered stone, has, when polyester resin is used some different technical data from it's original stone material, in most cases it may even improve it's behaviour, unfortunately in other cases the product is affected by the bonding agents technical data.
But have no doubt that no product is perfect, fortunately engineered stone in my opinion has more to the positive end than to the negative one. It certainly is a product to look for while choosing interior decoration, engineered stone can be a colourful and unique product that will certainly differentiate your home.


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