Decorating Kitchens with Engineered Stone

Engineered stone has revolutionized decoration, it's applications are endless and a perfect substitute for natural stones.

The colours available are always growing and now we begin to see also an evolution in finishes, like honed, bush hammered and aged.

When dealing with Quartz based materials, we're actually looking at a product that is hard, it's hardness can be 4 times a granite, working and finishing quartz products requires special equipment. The darker colours normally are very difficult to work, especially regarding polish.

Regarding these quartz based products, very frequently we find some suppliers selling silica sand as quartz, or even cement based quartz agglomerate. The best material is quartz based with polyester resin as the bonding agent.

One more thing, this product does have one handycap, never put hot pots or pans on top, it may stain permanently.


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