Quartz Tiles and Quartz Slabs : How to warehouse correctly.

Quartz tiles and quartz slabs should be warehoused as recommended by the manufacturer, which clearly means you should take approrpiate action or you might just damage them.
Quartz slabs if not warehoused properly may warp, especially if the temperatures are high and the slabs is warehoused in an irregular manner. To properly warehouse quartz slabs you should follow these tips:
  • use vertical warehousing racks
  • make sure the racks  have at least 2 supporting points
  • the distance between thethe two points are to 3/5 of the whole length of the slab, so in a 300 cm slab it will be 180 cm.
  • The suporting beams should be at least 90% of the slabs width
  • You should surround the support beam with plastic rubber (make sure this rubber doesn't stain the quartz) to avoid damages to your quartz
  • The base of the slab rack should have a protection like nylon or any other product, it'll avoid rusting of the rack;
  • Always keep quartz slabs warehoused indoor, it may damage with sunlight and stain with rain ... exposed to these factors during a long period of time
Some tips for tile warehousing, which are normally supplied in carton boxes:
  • Make sure to keep them indoor, avoid water and humidity;
  • Make sure all material is in an up right position;
  • Do not stack crates too high
  • Make sure you keep the tiles ID tag visible
  • Avoid hot temperatures at all times, warping can be a problem


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