Tips about cleaning marble.

Many people when buying marble rarely think of the product itself, cleaning marble or maintaining it can be a very tough job. While posting about cleaning marble, we can also add agglomerate marble, as they are very similar regarding cleaning and maintenance. As I've said before in several posts, the engineered stone is made up of 90-95% natural stone, so great part of it's care and maintenance are similar to the rock from which it's made from, so in this particular post we are dealing with marble.
Things to remember:
  • Marble in general is very absorbent, so it may stain easily due to the absorption of the liquid used in the spill
  • Marble is a metamorphic recrystallized stone based on carbonate minerals, so it reacts to acid. So Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Coke, and other products we use and consume in our daily life may effect our marble if in direct contact, and during a reasonable amount of time
  • Marble is physically a soft stone, it ranges from 3-4 in Mohs scale, which means it's not scratch resistant, so those small grains of sand and gravel that you bring into your home will ruin your lovely marble floor
So after these 3 comments you are worried about that lovely natural marble floor you just paid for. Don't worry, you just have to be careful and make sure your children understand some basic things about the product. And remember we have shopping malls with marble floors, and wood floors are less resistant than marble ones ...
Cleaning and Maintaining products and tips:
  • A floor mat at the several entrances of your home, will reduce the quantity of sand and gravel
  • Avoid applying marble in kitchen counters and floors, the kitchen is the most aggressive area in your home
  • Use neutral floor cleaning detergent, avoid acid and alkali, read the label carefully and make sure it's neutral and usable on marble
  • Use a marble wax to revive your floors shine, read carefully the instructions before applying it on your floor
  • When you floor starts to look dirty, some greyish areas will appear, it may be due to the several layers of wax applied, you should apply a marble stripper to extract all the superficial dirt, and then apply a layer of wax
  • To minimize the risk of staining, use a marble sealer, it doesn't work miracles, but it will help you. 


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