Marmomacc 2011

Marmomacc 2011 is just a month and a half away. For those who have visited this stone fair before, I guess all the potential Marmomacc has you have viewed it in the past. I've been to Marmomacc several times, actually haven't missed a fair in several years now. It's my favorite stone fair for several reasons, one it's location is great, mild weather and excellent food, you can find exhibitors from every corner of the World, and finally, Italian design is encountered in every hall, it's a great inspiration well for me.
Marmomacc as everyone knows is nota big city therefore room and board can pose as a problem, actually a quite expensive problem, if not done timely. You can find room and board around Verona at more reasonable prices. I have in the past few years been staying quite a bit far from the city centre at affordable rates, however in the evening, driving to city centre can be difficult, especially parking.
It's delightful city and the countryside is just beautiful, it's mid distance between Milan and Venice. The flights to Verona, may also be a complicated thing to arrange, as Verona has a small airport, and little low cost companies fly in directly, so to Marmomacc we may find people flying in through Milan or Venice. For those who do arrive at Verona directly their is a shuttle bus to the fair ground which may be a little awkward if you carry your luggage.
I usually take advantage of this precious time out of the office, to inspire, and to define strategies for my business. Take advantage of it, you'll see how wonderful it is ... every corner of the Marmomacc Verona fair ground will inspire you with hundreds of great new and stylish ideas, which you can adapt into your business to improve.
Have a nice trip to Verona, Marmomacc is really a special place, and everyone in this industry should take a few days off to look and see the trends. Plus, never forget, anyone who is anyone in the stone business will be within a two mile radius, so don't discard any potential business.
Almost forgot the most important thing, this year is the 46th International Stone Exhibition, Marmomacc 2011 will be held in Verona Italy from the 21st to the 24th of September 2011.


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