Silestone most sold colors in the US?

Today it's my turn to ask my readers for help, a very close friend has asked me a question. Which are the most sold colors in the North American markets from the Silestone series, well I need any help I can get for this answer. So please place a useful comment regarding this matter.
In Europe, or better in my own country which is Portugal, the colors that sell are basically white, grey and beige, due to price, and on the top end due to quality and enhancement we have pure white and pure black colors. This a my general idea that I can apply locally with a very reasonably way of justifying 80% of sales of any engineered quartz producer selling in my local market.
But what I am trying to find out is in the US / North America, is this also the color trend for Silestone specifically?
My blog has been more of giving than taking, but I really would like to understand other markets behaviour regarding sales and color trends, if anyone can add useful information I will deeply appreciate it. As always, and people who have dealt with me personally, I try my best to help without asking nothing in return. Well, until now, I really need some help from you, knowledgeable readers who I admire and inspire me to continue this one end crusade of blog writing.
Thank you very much for your time and effort. Stay tuned to my posts, I've been working on a few simultaneously which has reduced my output, but I believe it'll have some interesting information for the industry.


Paula Pellicer Labordena said...


I'm working as an interior designer in Barcelona, and the most sold are:

_white: zeus, norte & montblanc
_black: tebas & anubis
_grey: cemento & expo

I don't know which are the most sold colors in the North American markets...

Good luck!


Tomson said...

Thanks Paula, you comment is helpful. Although you gave me a good and helful idea about the Spanish market. The North American market is my main aim, but I enjoyed your participation.

Norman said...

One way to find out about the latest trends in the US is posting this question at http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/kitchbath It's a forum that I use to visit in the past to understand more about the end users of engineered stone. It helped me a lot until I got banned for "promoting" engineered stone. Well, all I did was more or less what you do at your blog. Sharing useful information without asking something in return.

Another way to find out is to ask somebody in the US who designs kitchens or is a interior designer. I know some who might want to help and will let you know the result. They are both in Facebook so you can also connect with them yourself if you want.

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