Nature by Compac Quartz finally revealed

Well the big kept secret that not even the personnel at the factory had noticed, and that they’ve been working hard in the last few months to complete and improve for the market debute was the Nature Series.
I try to avoid publicity stunts although this one was really something I enjoyed, as it has some interesting technical work behind it. First the colors which have been chosen for the launch of this new series have natural marble names and are basically imitating the finest marble colors.
Perlino, Negro Portoro, Pierre Bleue, Bianco Carrara, Botticino, Noce, Imperial
So the nature series is said officially to be made with Bio-Resin, being a nature friendly product which associates natural colors of natural stone with the best that engineered stone has to offer, and with an environmental background.
Technically they say that this new product is more resistant to heat, impact, food natural acids, UV rays, to cut, to erosion, less contraction and less porous. Sounds like a super product which little information is given so far about it, the sales rep part sounds like a Engineered Quartz 2.0 product, however I will continue to gather information to confirm the little public information that at the moment the market has been given.
And to top off this cake with a cherry, they are offering in some markets a coffee machine with your kitchen top, actually marketing is getting a bit out of hand in this engineered stone business.
Anyhow back to what is important, I did get a chance to check this material out, the polish looked fine, the fine grain, surely will need more resin than the other Compac Quartz products, unfortunately no technical data available to confirm this. And the type of Bio-Resin is also something I’m going to be looking into. Actually I’ve already started to investigate how bio it really is?
I really am waiting to see how fabricators are going to deal with this product, if it is more durable than the other series, they’ll surely have more problems with this one. I await feed-back from my reader on this one, on my end I will continue to investigate.
I know that they’ve have been working very hard and with great secrecy on this nature project, sincerely I was expecting something more …. They speak of quartz, I have serious doubts that the fine grain materials really have high percentages of quartz … I will wait for the official technical information, the website has most of the commercial information, surely the next few weeks will help me fill in the blanks.


the doctor said...

Thanks for this new information. Look forward to the info about bio-quartz.

What do you think about Engineered Stone companies imitating natural stone names for their products? It happens a lot.

Bianco Carrara, Botticino etc these are names long associated with a natural product.

Is there any ideas about Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status for these names?

Does the natural stone industry have no protection from this imitation?

the doctor said...

Hi Tomson,

You sure know a lot about Engineered Stone! Great information !

We are happy to provide both natural and engineered stone, but many customers are confused as to the difference between the products.

What do you think about Engineered Stone companies using traditional natural stone names for their products?

Like Perlino, Carrara, Calacutta etc.

All the engineered stone companies copy natural stone names in their marketing.

The engineered stone companies are very eager to associate "natural" connotations with their product. Do you think they want consumers to think the product is natural?

I wonder if the natural stone industry could protect the names of their products, just like "Champagne" protects the name of its sparkling-wine etc.

Tomson said...

Answer to the doctor,
Many thanks for reading my blog. I lived for the last 17 years in this business, and was fortunate to learn a bit from everyone I came across.
The naming of natural stone are in many cases associated with the color white, brown etc. and the place it is extracted from, like Carrara, Estremoz, Alicante, etc.
The engineered stone business gains a bit in marketing by naming their products with similar names, customers may be confused some times if the product is natural or not. In fact, last show in Nurnberg, I was showing a visitor a white engineered marble, and he did not believe me, he kept saying it was engineered quartz.
The professional agents in the market can distinguish the products, the non-professional consumer may get a bit misled by the naming.
We must also remember that engineered stone carries many colors, and you will see that many manufacturers use theme names for a specific range and others will just use numbers. I would advise names, people enjoy names, and some really are catchy, like Blanco Zeus ... clients will mention the name of the product ... the manufacturer's brand some times gets less relevant results.

Norman said...

Thank you for this blog and I look forward to read more about the bio-resin. Some say it is a wonderful product that eliminates the use of styrene. Others say it will give problems in strength and durability. I hope it will have a better future than Microban® had when it was used by Silestone.

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