Worktops are a important part of our kitchen, selecting the proper material for our worktops requires some knowledge of the options available. Worktops can be made of wood, steel, plastic, stone, engineered stone, etc.etc. In this post we will be focusing on stone worktops and try to compare them regarding certain physical and technical aspects.

Marble or Marble based agglomerate stone
  • Advantages
    • Has a good colour selection
    • Easy to repair when dealing with shine or scratches
  • Disadvantages
    • Stains very easy
    • Kitchen cleaning detergents will damage polish and stone
Granite Worktops
  • Advantages
    • Resistant to heat, a hot pot may not damage the stone, however you should not put hot pots and pans on your granite worktop
    • Very common and easy to find, can be a cheap option to your kitchen, depending on the colour
    • When you have a big kitchen you may have one piece kitchens, your supplier just has to cut the slab from a granite block that has the right dimension
    • Resistant to most of kitchen detergents
    • Doesn't stain as easily as marble, although some granites do absorb just as much
  • Disadvantages
    • Colour availability, not many options and most may not go well with your kitchen design
    • Difficult to repair

Quartz Worktops
  • Advantages
    • Colours and textures available
    • Resistant to most of kitchen detergents
    • Doesn't stain as easily as marble or granite, very low water absorption
  • Disadvantages
    • Not resistant to heat, may damage the worktop permanently
    • Difficult to repair
    • May get scratched, glass can scratch your quartz worktop, although some friction would be necessary for that to happen, and on darker colours the effect will be more visible;
    • May need to divide you kitchen worktops in several pieces, most fabricators have a 300 cm long slab
    • Cost, the product itself is very expensive, and the shade variation from several productions will be different, therefore the worktop fabricator will include total price of slab consumed as leftovers may not be incorporated in other worktops. This is common in colours which the fabricator doesn't carry on a regular basis.


Steve Patterson said...

Thanks for sharing this great post. As a kitchen worktops Kent i would definitely recommend people to choose granite as it is much harder and stays beautiful for lifetime. The other materials for worktops are equally good but what granite offers, no other material can stand in parallel to offer that.

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