Granite Edges: Ogee, Bullnose, Bevelled, Square are some Edge Profiles

Granite edges on your kitchen countertop can vary, their are some standard granite edges, but in reality normally only a few options are given to the final client. Ogee, bullnose, bevelled, square are some terms we encounter in the edge profiles available. Did you know that the diamond tool manufacturers have them labelled by letters? In truth you will call it bevelled square edge and they'll understand it as a CD type edge. The Ogee is a more complex situation because you can find several types, a perfect Ogee is 1/2 one cut the other half another cut, so I would say it would be an F type.

These are some of the most common edges you can find, basically they are standard edges, you can actually have your own type of edge made, it will cost a bit more than the standard ones, but it will be your own feature.


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