Engineered Granite, Engineered Marble and Engineered Quartz

Engineered granite, engineered marble and engineered quartz some readers have questioned about the differences. Engineered granite, engineered marble and engineered quartz are very similar in the bonding agent, however differ in the filling. So as I mentioned in previous posts, an engineered stone is made up of 5-10% resin (in this case polyester resin), 90-95% filler and coloring pigments.
An engineered quartz is basically made with quartz filler, this means that the product will have a behaviour similar to quartz, as it's basically more than 90% pure quartz. Engineered granite, may sometimes be confused in use, in theory it's a granite grain filler, so you'll have a product which is more than 90% pure granite. The marble is basically the same.
Now the truth is that these terms don't actually help much regarding to the product itself, as this type of solid surface can have other types of products, like glass. Until now no producer has launched a glass engineered stone, however I know that some of the manufacturers are working on it seriously, and the truth is that the main problem is polishing the final product. But I should say that in most cases, almost all engineered stone has other products in the filler, and glass can be found in many products.


Steve Patterson said...

Thank you for this lucrative post. These differences are important for customers to know before they can decide on what they are purchasing. These engineered granite, quartz etc are as good as original ones. But the different should be understood before customers can claim for things they bought by their own decisions.

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